2.G. External Funding

To receive an Excellent rating, the individual must receive government or foundation grants, awards, or contracts.

Because my work focuses mainly on achieving improvements in real-world organizations, it does not lend itself to traditional funding from organizations such as the National Science Foundation. However, I have been successful in receiving supplemental funding to support my work, both within and outside JMU.

Successful Funding:

  • I received a $2000 grant from the Business Innovation Factory (Providence, RI) to attend their annual meeting in September 2014.
  • I received a $5000 4-VA Grant in Summer 2014 to redesign my sections of ISAT 252 (Programming & Problem Solving) for Fall 2014, creating sections of programming courses for Intelligence Analysis (IA) majors to learn computational thinking through the lens of programming to support data analysis.
  • I received an $895 grant from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) to attend the World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) in 2013 as a result of my election to Fellow status.
  • I received an $1800 grant from the Business Innovation Factory (Providence, RI) to attend their annual meeting in September 2013.
  • I received a $4000 SAGE grant from the JMU Office of International Programs (OIP) in 2012 to explore expanding JMU’s general education science and math offerings internationally.
  • I participated in writing and successfully securing an NSF SoCS grant through NJIT for $249,168 in 2010 (see below) that I was not required to work on personally.

Unsuccessful Proposals:

  • I wrote two proposals that were submitted to NSF in January 2012. “VOSS: Using the Agile Organizing Framework and Network Analysis to Characterize the Evolution of an Emergent Virtual Organization Stimulated by Personalized Learning” and “Pathways: Quality Without Borders – A Pilot Program to Stimulate Practical Applications of the Scientific Method through Community Service Learning” received “Very Good” ratings but were declined due to limited basic research components.

From: Kronz, Frederick M <fkronz@nsf.gov>
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 5:54 PM
Subject: Partial Funding for your SoCS Proposal
To: robert.s.friedman@njit.edu, msb@adm.njit.edu, elloit@alpha1.njit.edu, radziwnm@jmu.edu, 
Drs. Friedman, Brownstein, Elliot, Radziwill, and Whitworth:

On behalf of the Social-Computational Systems program (SoCS), I am pleased to inform you that
we are recommending your proposal (ID 0968445) titled “SoCS: OKES: An Open Knowledge Exchange 
System to Promote Meta-Disciplinary Collaboration Based on Socio-Technical Principles” for
partial funding: The award is only for the first year to get the work going. The total award
amount will be at $249,168 for 12 months as a standard grant.