2.E. Contextual Variety

To receive an Excellent rating, a faculty member should demonstrate quality teaching in a variety of learning contexts, e.g., special lectures, seminars, special studies, discussion groups, etc.

I regularly engage in learning experiences for students that span a variety of learning contexts. Here is a description of those learning contexts, and the courses that supported those contexts, over the past three academic years. In Summer 2015 I plan to expand my context to include study abroad programs, by bringing a group of students to Iceland to expand OIP’s Cluster Three Gen Ed offerings.

2013-2014: taught six sections of three online courses (GSCI 161/162/104), three sections of one blended course (GISAT 251), four sections of lecture/lab courses (ISAT 341 and 344), two sections of a research experience course for high school seniors (ISAT 181), two special topics courses (ISAT 480/Research Writing, ISAT 480/Statistical Computation) and one discussion group (ISAT 131).

2012-2013: two online courses (GSCI 161/162), one graduate seminar (ISAT 655), one combined graduate/undergraduate honors course (HON 300/ISAT 680) leveraging team-based learning, one blended course (ISAT 251), three sections of a lecture/lab course (ISAT 341 and 344), and one discussion group (ISAT 131).

2011-2012: lecture/lab (ISAT 341 and 344), discussion group (ISAT 654, ISAT 131), lecture/recitation (GISAT 251), team-based learning and service learning (HON 300/ISAT 680), online delivery (GSCI 162), blended delivery (ISAT 654, GISAT 251) and graduate seminar (ISAT 654).

I have also introduced new learning contexts into some courses. For example, I introduced “Recitation Sessions” into GISAT 251 starting in the Fall of 2011 which features team-based problem solving and presentation of solutions instead of turning in homework assignments. An increase in ratings for the student evaluations of the lab section of course evaluations between 2010 and 2011 (from upper 3’s/lower 4’s to mid 4’s) suggests that this approach was well received by students.