1.A. Professional Memberships

A Satisfactory rating requires membership in relevant professional and scholarly societies and organizations.

The professional societies I am active in reflect my interests and experience in quality and innovation (ASQ and ATMAE), quality and innovation management for large scientific research facilities (SPIE), and meteorology (AMS). I have been extremely active in ASQ since 2002, have organized conferences and conference tracks for SPIE since 2004 and ATMAE since 2007, and have maintained a professional membership in AMS since I was an undergraduate student in meteorology to stay up to date with innovations in atmospheric modeling, simulation, and instrumentation.

Fellow, American Society for Quality (ASQ), since 2002 – [Press Release, January 2013]
Active in Education, Statistics, Software, and Quality Management Divisions; Founding Member of Innovation Interest Group (which will become the Innovation Division)

  • From ASQ Intranet: “Fellow Membership is an honor bestowed by other ASQ Members. An ASQ Fellow is an individual who has an established record of contributions, both to the quality profession and to the Society. An Individual member of ASQ, representing the highest level of the quality profession,. deserving recognition for years of dedication and practice as a quality professional, and long-term involvement with ASQ may be nominated for Fellow Membership by their section, forum/division or International Chapter. Fellow may be attained only by advancement from Senior member through the process of nomination, and may not be attained by application. A Fellow member must first be a Senior member for at least the past five calendar years.”
  • Nicole’s Fellow Citation reads: “For outstanding and innovative cross-disciplinary contributions to teaching and research in quality, for promoting social responsibility through quality and process improvement as a form of community service, and for continuing service to the quality profession through ASQ sections, divisions, and interest groups.”

Conference Chair & Proceedings Editor, Society for Photo-Optical Engineering (SPIE), since 2004; I am active in the Software & Cyberinfrastructure for Astronomy and Observatory Operations planning groups. I like contributing to SPIE because it combines my background in astronomical instrumentation and technology management.

Member, Association for Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), since 2007. I enjoy participating in the activities of this society because it is very practitioner-focused, and helps expose me to the issues faced by industrial technologists.

Full Member, American Meteorological Society (AMS), since 1994. I maintain my AMS membership to keep current with new developments in numerical weather prediction and mesoscale meteorology (tornado research).