1.I. Teamwork

A Satisfactory rating requires participation as a valued team member in team teaching, curriculum development, or instructional improvement activities.

I have been actively involved in formal team teaching, informal team teaching, developing new courses across JMU college boundaries for the benefit of all our students, and delivering elective courses for the MS ISAT program.

Formal Team Teaching – At JMU I have teamed with 6 other professors (including an Honors Seminar offered in conjunction with the College of Business) to deliver 4 unique courses over multiple semesters (details for the past three academic years are available in 1.A Commitment). These have included ISAT 131 discussion sections with Amanda Biesecker, the ISAT 640/IES 5005 data mining course in Malta with Emil Salib and Morgan Benton, the ISAT 181 dual enrollment program with Loudoun County schools with Maria Papadakis and Chris Bachmann, and HON 300/ISAT 680 with Rebecca Simmons from the College of Business.

Informal Team Teaching – I have also demonstrated initiative in involving other professors in my courses to bring students powerful perspectives that could only be provided by teaming. In Fall 2012 and Fall 2013, Anne Henriksen and I partnered to create a neural networks module for the ISAT/CS 344 students that blends the algorithmic basis for neural networks, the neuroscience and biochemistry that informs the computational construction of neural networks, and the skills required to create and evaluate the performance of neural networks for regression and classification problems on real training data. This is an uncommon and inherently multidisciplinary approach that may be unique to the ISAT program.

New Course Development Across JMU College Boundaries – I proposed, developed, and delivered HON 300/ISAT 680 with my COB partner Rebecca Simmons. In consultation with Ming Ivory as the Director of MS ISAT at the time, we also adapted the course structure so that this could be offered as an elective for our graduate students. Our proposal to develop and deliver HON 300, as well as our Spring 2013 syllabus for HON 300/ISAT 680, are available for review.

Since we delivered this course in Spring 2012 and Spring 2013, the College of Business requested that it be adapted for delivery to JMU MBA students. Rebecca delivered it as MBA 656 (Business Process Management) in Spring 2014.

MS ISAT Electives – I developed curriculum for and delivered ISAT 654 (Advanced Technology Management) and ISAT 655 (Technology Assessment) in 2011 and 2012, and also worked with Ming to cross-list HON 300 as ISAT 680 to provide much-needed electives for MS ISAT students.