1.D. Subject Mastery

A Satisfactory rating requires mastery of the subject matter.

My teaching responsibilities include ISAT 341 (Simulation & Modeling), ISAT 344 (Intelligent Systems), and GISAT 251 (Statistics). I also created and taught HON 300/ISAT 680 (Quality and Process Improvement in Action) each of the past two springs, and I routinely contribute to IES 5005 in Malta (Data Mining), which includes a more advanced treatment of some of the topics in ISAT 344. Each of these courses requires a solid foundation in programming and computing, especially knowledge of the R statistical software package which is used for all my clases. During the summer, I also typically teach general education science courses (GSCI 104, 161, 162).

In addition to my educational and professional background, I demonstrate mastery of the subject matter by leading students as they complete practical senior capstone projects for clients, and engage in real-world service learning projects within my courses. I also maintain professional certifications, work with clients from national laboratories, and advise the National Science Foundation on matters of data-driven continuous improvement for large facilities.

Educational and Professional Background. I have an undergraduate degree in meteorology, an MBA, and a doctorate in technology management and quality systems. In addition, I have over 20 graduate credits in atmospheric science which I pursued while working on meteorological instrumentation. All of my professional experience has centered around effective development and management of technology, and in applying computing to study and improve products and processes.

Advising Senior Capstone & Service Learning Projects. All of the senior capstone projects and service learning projects I have advised within my courses require real-world, practical application of the tools and techniques within the courses I instruct. By working on real projects alongside the students, in service to real clients in our community, I am required to continually develop greater levels of mastery of the subject matter.

Professional Certifications. I maintain two current professional certifications: ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) #11952, and ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CQM/OE) #9583. The CSSBB requires intensive theoretical and practical knowledge of statistics as it applies to industrial situations. The CQM/OE requires deep knowledge of the methodologies for simulation and modeling as they apply to practical process improvement.

Advising the National Science Foundation. Two or three times each year, I participate on NSF panels to review impending funding decisions for large research facilities. This often requires interpreting the results of risk analyses and scenario analyses that are developed using business simulation and modeling. A list of the 20+ confidential panels I have participated in as a reviewer and adviser are available in the printed application package.