2.L. Textbook Writing

To receive an Excellent rating, the individual must author textbooks or teaching materials.

During the spring of 2013, I reviewed four chapters of Statistics in Practice by W.H. Freeman/Macmillan Publishers. I was compensated $300 for my efforts.

From September 2013 through March 2014, I revised and edited the Test Bank for Statistics in Practice by W.H. Freeman/Macmillan Publishers, contributing over 250 new questions and examples. I was compensated $2500 for my efforts.

In addition, I have been working on chapters for an introductory statistics textbook that I will publish within the next few years (see Instructional Materials).

Emails from Publishers:

Hi Nicole, By way of introduction my name is Liam Ferguson, Editorial Assistant at W.H. Freeman. I know you have probably only dealt with either Kirsten Wartrud or Leslie Lahr but I am writing to see if we can confirm your permission to use the following quote in marketing materials for the book Statistics in Practice by Moore/Notz/Fligner:

“I LOVE how many of the examples relate to social media, and think
this is a great innovation for an introductory stats textbook.”—Nicole Radziwill, James Madison University

Please let me know as soon as possible if we have your permission
to use the above quote. We really appreciate it!


Liam Ferguson
Editorial Assistant – Math/Stats
W.H. Freeman & Co.
41 Madison Avenue | 37th Floor | New York, NY 10010
p: 212.561.8271 | e: lferguson@whfreeman.com

Good afternoon, My name is Jorge Amaral and I’m an Associate Editor with the math and stats department at W.H. Freeman. We’re starting work on the supplements for our forthcoming book Statistics in Practice and I’m looking for professors to author the test bank, lecture PowerPoint slides, practice quizzes, and iClicker questions. Would you be interested in working on one of these supplements, or can you suggest colleagues who might be interested? Please let me know if you might be interested and we can discuss the payment and the details of the project.



Jorge Amaral
Associate Editor
W.H. Freeman
41 Madison Avenue, 38th floor
New York, NY 10010